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Improve Strength and Resiliency

Pentra-Sil (244+)

Concrete is often highly desirable for flooring surfaces because of its durability and its relatively low cost. But natural concrete isn’t a magic bullet. It still needs advanced concrete treatments to achieve the performance and longevity many users expect of it. A high-quality concrete surface treatment like Pentra-Sil® (244+) hardener, densifier and sealer provides long-term stability and enhanced performance.

  Improve Strength and Resiliency Concrete treated with Pentra-Sil® (244+) becomes harder, densified and dustproof. The result is a concrete floor that’s better able to withstand potential water damage, freeze-thaw cycles and chloride ion intrusion, as well as physical wear and tear even when subject to UV light. Treated surfaces also require less maintenance which can translate into real cost savings. Pentra-Sil® (244+) is a water-based lithium silicate concrete treatment that drives a chemical reaction to densify and harden new concrete surfaces. Because the rough surface of the pores is smoothed out or sealed by the product, the surface has greater resistance to abrasion, hardening it against cosmetic and physical damage—like freeze and thaw cycles and salt and moisture—as well as reinforcing against steel corrosion. Why Choose This Concrete Densifier?  As a result of the chemical reaction between the Pentra-Sil® (244+) lithium-silicate densifier and the calcium hydroxide in the concrete, the resulting calcium silicate hydrate fills in, or densifies, the tiny pores that naturally form when concrete is poured and cured. This reduces dusting by capturing the free lime or calcium carbonate that’s naturally released as concrete ages. Treated surfaces have less efflorescence and surface sweating.  Pentra-Sil® (244+) concrete densifier deeply and permanently penetrates the surface layer of the concrete instead of sitting atop it like a film. It meets the NCHRP 244 Standard for chloride intrusion. Because the Nano-Lithium® hardener, densifier and sealer retains breathability, the natural process of moisture release from concrete isn’t interrupted. Moisture simply evaporates without leaving any surface damage. Because it’s a permanent and penetrating hardener, Pentra-Sil® (244+) effectively fights salt and freeze-thaw damage on exposed concrete surfaces.  Pentra-Sil® (244+) is a low-odor chemical hardener application that requires only one step—and no rinsing is needed. It doesn’t drive surface ASR or crazing. As it’s a VOC-compliant formula, this concrete hardener may help with LEED points or IEQ credit.  Common Applications Pentra-Sil® (244+) was specifically engineered to provide densifying, hardening and dustproofing of maintenance and parking facilities, as well as other concrete and masonry surfaces subject to inclement weather that includes freeze-thaw cycles. It can also be used as part of the finishing process for polished concrete. Common application sites include sidewalks and driveways plus loading docks, auto dealerships, parking garages, aircraft hangars, vehicle maintenance areas, retail and shopping centers, stadiums and cold storage areas.  Concrete Densifier Usage Guide Use Pentra-Sil® (244+) any place that newly poured concrete will be subject to harsh conditions, like manufacturing facilities, institutions, schools and more. It’s ideal for places where low maintenance concrete floors are desired. It can be applied to poured and polished surfaces to resist water, chemicals and oils. How to Apply Pentra-Sil® (244+) The best way to apply Pentra-Sil® (244+) is with a sprayer. This ensures an even application on the surface of the concrete. The product goes on with a red tint that makes it easy to see which areas have already been treated; once dry, the Pentra-Sil® (244+) is clear. For best results, the concrete surface needs to be thoroughly wet with the treatment, and kept wet for a minimum of 20 minutes. Once you’ve applied the densifier, additional spraying may be required to maintain these conditions. In waiting for the product to dry, eliminate puddling with a soft broom. Once dry, the concrete is ready for ordinary use. Some concrete applications may require slightly different application steps. For example, if you’re working with broom-finished concrete, apply Pentra-Sil® (244+) the day after it’s finished. If the concrete has been cured, wait until after any curing compounds have been removed. If the surface to be treated has been troweled by machine, stained with acid, integrally colored or dyed, then after 20 minutes you’ll need to gently scrub the surface with water to lift and remove any excess material from the surface of the concrete. When conditions are very hot and the surface temperature is more than 90ºF (32ºC), use a cool water spray before the Pentra-Sil® (244+) spray to prevent flash-drying, and then proceed as directed.  Caring for Concrete Flooring Before and After Treatment Because Pentra-Sil® (244+) does generate an irreversible chemical reaction, it’s recommended for a small sample of the concrete surface to be treated as a test in an inconspicuous area. This will alert you to any concrete impurities that can affect the success of the treatment. Choose a time to apply the product when temperatures reach higher than 40ºF (4ºC) and will remain that high for at least two hours after application.  Before applying the concrete treatment, make sure the concrete surface is clean. A gentle cleaner should be used to lift curing compounds, coatings, laitance and dirt which would prevent penetration of the Pentra-Sil into the pores of the concrete. Avoid acidic cleaners, including citrus cleaners; otherwise, be sure to use an alkaline cleaner before application to ensure a neutralized surface.  After application, any product that wasn’t completely absorbed will appear as a thin layer of lithium, which can be easily removed with a strong broom or an auto-scrubber. In cases where application was excessive, mechanical means can be used to remove excess product. Once the application is completely dry and any excess has been removed, specialty surface preparation like paint or coatings can continue. Cleaning treated surfaces requires pH neutral solutions, such as Pentra-Clean™ (CR) and Pentra-Clean™ (DC) or neutral pH cleaners as needed. Added protection or gloss can be attained with Pentra-Finish™ (HG), Pentra-Pel™ (SI) and Pentra-Guard® (EXT). 

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