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How to Restore Concrete From Damage or Age

How to Restore Concrete From Damage or Age

Concrete surfaces may have extensive damage or can look worn down after several years. When there’s extensive damage, the most common remedy is to apply a concrete overlay that may be polished and treated. For worn down concrete, polishing and re-treating with chemical hardeners and sealers is the most common solution for restoring your floor.

Cracking and Small Holes Aged and damaged concrete that’s cracked or pitted with small holes can be repaired with patch material. These specialized preparations are best-suited for surface repairs, and when applied, they bond to the existing concrete surface. Indoor and outdoor cracks can be patched. Once patched, the floor can be restored with a concrete overlay or diamond polishing process. This new surface corrects imperfections in the original concrete. Fading After many years of exposure to the elements, decorative colored concrete can lose its vibrancy. Concrete surfaces can be coated, stained or acid treated. These techniques restore color and make old concrete look new again. The treatments are best applied after physical repairs are made. With proper repair and chemical treatments, concrete surfaces can be restored from signs of damage or age to look as good as new.  Choosing the Right Products for Concrete Restoration A concrete restoration project is typically more cost-effective than concrete replacement. Concrete restoration repairs damaged material and enhances the appearance of the surface to minimize the flaws and blemishes that come from age.  These Pentra concrete treatments are often useful in repairing concrete surfaces and restoration projects.

  • Colored coatings provide you with a custom look. They can add a hard, protective layer of rich color that works indoors and out to keep away dust, dirt and grime. 

  • Concrete top coats with surface hardener can be used on interior and exterior surfaces and resist stains, solvents and petroleum-based substances. They leave a semi-gloss finish in several colors.

  • Concrete patching materials repair cracks and holes prior to polishing. 

  • Cleaners and restorers effectively clean and prepare concrete surfaces for restoration work. They also safely clean treated floors. 

  • Densifiers are used to harden and seal concrete floors during the restoration process and also help prevent future damage.

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