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The maximum performance from concrete surfaces

Updated: Jul 28, 2020

To get the maximum performance from concrete surfaces, it's important to treat them with hardeners like Pentra-Sil® (HD). It works to fill the tiny pores that naturally exist in concrete.

The chemical reaction driven by Pentra-Sil® (HD) makes this surface treatment permanent. Popular Features of Pentra-Sil® (HD) In high-traffic areas subject to hard physical contact, using Pentra-Sil® (HD) Surface Treatment makes concrete harder and abrasion-resistant. It extends the finish of polished concrete and leaves floors requiring less maintenance than untreated concrete. With a VOC-compliant and water-based formula, Pentra-Sil® (HD) may also help users earn LEED points (IEQ credit). The chemical reaction between Pentra-Sil® (HD) and the concrete results in a Nano-Lithium® technology hardened layer that protects while still permeable enough to allow the exchange of moisture.  Benefits of Choosing Pentra-Sil® (HD) Pentra-Sil® (HD) lithium concrete solution offers more than just densifying and abrasion resistance. The  Nano-Lithium® formula chemically reacts with the concrete at the top layer, leaving a permanent, stain-resistant layer that isn’t a film and doesn’t peel off. Because this hardener fills in the gaps and densifies the surface, treated surfaces have less dusting or release of free lime (calcium carbonate). The concrete is protected against efflorescence and sweating—two of the most common problems with concrete flooring. Since this treated layer remains breathable, it does not add to the development of surface ASR or crazing. And with little to no odor, this surface treatment can be applied without disrupting nearby work. Common Application Uses Pentra-Sil® (HD) concrete densifier has been chemically designed to provide advanced protection in existing concrete surfaces where abrasion and staining are common problems and dusting is highly undesirable. Factories, utilities, schools, medical facilities, laboratories, warehouses, stadiums, grocery and retail stores, food and beverage manufacturing plants are all structures where foot traffic, forklifts, hand trucks, and small industrial trucks can leave floors damaged by abrasion and leaking fluids like water or oil. 

When to Use Pentra-Sil® (HD) This high-tech concrete hardening treatment is ideal for use where low-maintenance floors are desired and floor needs to hold up to dollies, foot traffic, forklifts, and more. That abrasion—on untreated surfaces—can generate scuffing, pitting, and dusting. It’s also good for use in large facilities like warehouses, schools, and other institutions where the added illumination from the slight sheen that Pentra-Sil® (HD) provides is a benefit. Use this concrete densifier in preparation of a polished concrete floor or an epoxy coated floor to extend the longevity of the finish and improve the aesthetic look of the floor.  Usage Tips Pentra-Sil® (HD) lithium concrete solution has been formulated to go on with a green tint for ease of application. Once dried, it’s completely clear. Use a sprayer for an even and thorough application. It’s important to keep the concrete surface wet with the product for at least 20 minutes, reapplying the product as needed. Avoid puddles by smoothing them out with a soft broom or microfiber pad. Once dry, the surface is ready for use.  The application process for this surface preparation may vary slightly depending on conditions. If surface temperatures reach 90ºF (32ºC) or greater, cool the concrete with water before applying Pentra-Sil® (HD) concrete treatment; otherwise, the treatment may flash-dry.  When treating newly poured concrete that’s been finished by broom, wait until the next day before using Pentra-Sil® (HD). If treating cured concrete, remove any curing compounds before applying Pentra-Sil® (HD). If applying the hardener to concrete that’s been troweled by a machine, integrally colored or treated with acid staining or dyes, it may be necessary to scrub the floor with water after the 20 minutes of application time. This will remove any extra Pentra-Sil® (HD) as well as any other impurities during surface preparation.  Before and After Treatment Pentra-Sil® (HD) has been formulated to work on existing concrete, including cured concrete. Because of the potential for impurities to interrupt the chemical reaction necessary for thorough densifying and hardening, prepare a small and inconspicuous area of the surface for a test treatment as part of your surface preparation. Choose a day and time for application when temperatures will be higher than 40ºF (4ºC) for a minimum of two hours post-treatment.  Before spraying Pentra-Sil® (HD) concrete densifier, clean the concrete surface thoroughly. Remove any traces of curing materials, coatings, laitance, dirt, dust or grime that could interfere with the product soaking into the pores of the concrete. Avoid using acidic cleaners of any kind in preparation, including citrus cleaners. If surfaces have been cleaned with any kind of acidic solution, neutralize the surface with an alkaline solution first.  Once the concrete has been treated with Pentra-Sil® (HD) lithium concrete solution, it may be easily cleaned with a neutral pH cleaner like Pentra-Clean™ (CR) or Pentra-Clean™ (DC). Paint and coatings may be applied over the top of Pentra-Sil® (HD). To further strengthen surface protection and increase gloss, use Pentra-Finish™ (HG), Pentra-Pel™ (SI), or Pentra-Guard® (EXT).  Pentra-Sil® (HD) is an advanced lithium silicate densifier that can be applied to cured concrete or as part of the process to install a polished floor. It’s a chemical hardener that results in a strong calcium silicate hydrate barrier, resisting abrasions, and eliminating dusting.  Contact us for more information about Pentra-Sil® (HD) concrete treatment and the benefits of using it for your concrete treatment needs.

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