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 2018 United States Fire Statistics


   Number of Fires:  1,318,500 fires

     • 499,000 structure fires  

    • One structure fire every 63 seconds


   Civilian Deaths:  3,655 civilian death by fires.

     • One civilian death every 2 hours and 24 minutes

     • 2,720 deaths in homes and housing projects


   Civilian Fire Injuries:  15,200 civilian injuries

     • 12,700 civilian injuries from structure fires

     • 84 percent of all injuries from structure fires


   Property Damage:  $25.6 billion in property damage from fires    

     • $11.1 billion property damage from structure fires

     • $12.0 billion property damage from wildfires

     • $2.5 billion property damage from intentionally set/unknown cause

The fire which destroyed Grenfell Tower in June 2017 was one of the UK's worst modern disasters. Just before 01:00 on 14 June, the fire broke out in the kitchen of a fourth-floor flat at the 23 story tower block in North Kensington, West London.

Why Fire Barriers 

FortaFire flexible fire barriers greatly reduce the risk of a building going up in flames and destroying everything in its wake. Regulations deem large areas in buildings, including roof voids and escape routes, must be compartmentalized by subdividing a construct into fire compartments to create more manageability in areas of risk. FortaFire panels can be installed either vertically or horizontally to provide effective compartmentalization within commercial or residential dwellings.


Flexible fire barriers snuff out risk and retard fire, so building occupants have sufficient time to evacuate the premises in the event of an emergency. Our premium fire-rated components are unmatched in the industry. Protective Technology Solutions is committed to protecting your world.

Where To Use


Common Uses for FortaFire Flexible Fire Barriers :

  • Compartmentation of Roof Voids

  • Fire-Rated Ceilings upgrade

  • Under Mezzanines

  • Control zones

  • Extend Fire Walls to roof

  • Party Wall to stop fire break-out

  • Across Corridors

  • Along escape routes

  • Stairwells

  • Risers

  • Segregate loft space 

  • Loft conversions

  • Movement joints


For further information or technical support about FortaFire products, please call or email us: 

Telephone: 717-990-8196

 We would love to hear from you!

Product Info

Product Information





The history of TBA Protective Solutions goes back to 1871.  The Turner Brothers who founded the business had a clear idea of what they wanted the business to achieve, stating in the original "Memorandum of Association" that described its' principal objective as "To Manufacture, deal in, erect and supply materials, substances and appliances for affording insulation or protection.  The Turner Brothers created a business that had the innovative use of quality materials as one of its core values to create and manufacture materials and products that protect lives and property.  R&D was an extremely important part of the business.  

In recent years, nanotechnology and 2D materials have driven much of our work into conductive materials and concrete treatment products.  In 2017, we concluded that a fire barrier and thermal insulation product line should be added to our product offering. With our existing knowledge of coatings and textiles, as well as flame retardant additives, we concluded we had the experience and knowledge to not only develop a fire barrier and thermal insulation product but a product line that represented a quantum leap over the current market offerings.


Our goal was to produce a flexible passive fire barrier for use in walls and ceiling void compartmentalization, which was lighter, easier to install, and thinner than existing products that exceeded current performance on fire integrity and thermal insulation while providing the architect freedom of design.  We also wanted to incorporate into this system properties that are useful when there isn't a fire.  The target was to exceed our competitor's existing R-Values for thermal insulation to reduce heating bills, acoustic shielding to keep the noisy neighbors at bay, EMI Shielding, a benefit for secure installations, and some anti-microbial benefits to improve the environment.


A tough task, but we at TBAPS have always been up for a challenge!

From Lab To Reality


It is absolutely essential that the product is specified for Compartmentalization purposes, is a fully tested product, tested to the correct test criteria, and meets the correct specification requirements.


The FortaFire range of products has been subjected to more arduous testing than the standard BS.476 Part 20:22 fire test requirements.


FortaFire products were tested on a much larger scale than current standards for flexible fire barriers. It was tested on a full 5m x 5m test rig, compared to the normal 3m x 3m test rig utilized in Europe.


Tests were conducted at Underwriters Laboratory (UL), which is the top-rated safety certification in the world; their testing process is more rigorous and comprehensive than other certifications.  ForatFire products were also tested against the  BS EN standard, a far more onerous fire test than the test to BS.476 Part 20:22 (particularly apparent in the early stages of the test). 


Peace of mind comes with extremely successful test results under the most rigorous selection and testing procedures. The proof is in the panels.

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