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With more than 500 operating stores in the United States, plus hundreds more in other countries, Costco has millions of square feet of concrete in their facilities. These floors need to be abrasion-resistant and easy to maintain in order to withstand a consistent, high-traffic flow of customers, restocking and routine responsibilities. 

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Boeing Hanger

A critical requirement in this hangar construction was providing an extra durable floor to withstand repeated, heavy equipment usage for over 1.5 million square feet of concrete. Upon completion of this     project, Boeing was so pleased with Pentra-Cure (MH)'s performance that they adopted this product as their standard.

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Pockit Storage

Pentra-Protective Coating (PPC) provided Pockit Self  Storage a practical and attractive alternative to coating their discolored     concrete with an epoxy.  It is engineered for both interior and exterior concrete surfaces, a perfect fit for Pockit's outside- and inside-access storage ports and hallways.

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