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About Us

Concrete Protection

Protective Technology Solutions is committed to providing products to safeguard our world.


PTS is a women-owned business that distributes Convergent Concrete Technologies’ concrete treatments—known for inspired technology and unmatched performance, our products set the standard in the flooring industry.


Lithium-based chemicals elevate the performance, durability, longevity, and appearance of concrete. Hardeners, densifiers, finishes, coatings, and curing are at the core of Convergent Concrete Technologies' pioneering spirit. PTS is proud to couple good science with outstanding customer service.

Other PTS commodities aimed at safeguarding our world are fire barrier and thermal insulation products. FortaFire boasts fire penetration and conductive heat resistance defenses unparalleled in the construction industry. Our flexible passive fire barrier for use in walls and ceiling void compartmentalization is lighter, easier to install, and thinner than existing products—it exceeds competitive product performance on fire integrity and thermal insulation while providing architects freedom of design. FortaFire exceeds competitor's R-Values for thermal insulation to reduce heating bills, acoustic shielding to keep noisy neighbors at bay, and some anti-microbial benefits to enhance the environment we live in.

Facility owners, contractors, architects, engineers, and applicators trust the unique strengths of our progressive products.


Our pledge is to provide the first-rate service and establish
a genuine partnership with every customer.

Fire Protection
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