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Nano-Lithium ®

Nano-Lithium is engineered lithium silicate with high lithium purity and quality.

Nano-Lithium reacts effectively with concrete to form calcium silicate hydrate. This creates a harder, denser surface that is abrasion and stain-resistant.

Sodium and potassium react violently in concrete, creating uneven clumps of calcium throughout the surface layer. These clumps form weak, erratic bonds that result in a shorter life cycle. Nano-Lithium's small molecule size allows it to penetrate deeply and evenly, creating stronger bonds, increasing durability, and extending the life of the concrete.


Reactive Silicon Hybrid Polymer (SiRE™) chemistry is cross-linked with Nano-Lithium® technology. Unique lithium polymerization and reactivity creates the best performance available today.

This stable but highly reactive silicon/lithium compound offers flexibility when formulating product-specific applications. Products using SiRE technology don’t just coat the concrete with a top layer of protection; they penetrate the surface and chemically react to fortify and protect from the inside, out.

Treated concrete has enhanced resistance to staining and abrasion. SiRE also facilitates water repellency and stain resistance.


Rapid Separation Technology is engineered chemistry that divides into layers for maximum efficiency and performance in a single application.

The curing component migrates to the surface as a film-forming moisture barrier while the Nano-Lithium Silicate penetrates and reacts with the free-lime and cement, forming CSH.

RST provides true curing and hardening in one application. The film created meets ASTM C-309 specifications and can easily be removed compared to alternative film-forming cures. RST saves time, labor, and money.

As an innovator in technology, we stand with our customers.

This means providing adequate technical support and training, meeting specifications and deadlines, and always standing behind and ensuring the quality of our compounds.

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